Looney Tunes Dash 1.93.03 Download free Latest Android APK

Looney Tunes Dash 1.93.03 Download free Latest Android APK

When you were a kid, did you ever watch Looney Tunes cartoons? If so, then you’re going to love Looney Tunes Dash! It’s an endless runner game where you can control Bugs Bunny, Tweety, or Road Runner. With them, you have to pass through different levels, all of which are full of dangers like dynamite, cliffs, Elmer Fudd, and the Tasmanian Devil.

In Lonely Tunes Dash!, you will find cute childhood characters like Bugs Bunny or Davy Dick playing in a very fun and entertaining platform game. Discover the skills of each character. Which one is your favourite?

Looney Tunes Dash APK

You’re probably familiar with the Looney Tunes characters, even if you don’t think of yourself as a gamer. They’re some of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time, and now they’re back in an all-new endless runner game: Looney Tunes Dash!

In this game, you can control Bugs Bunny, Tweety, or Road Runner as you pass through different levels filled with dangers like dynamite, cliffs, Elmer Fudd, and the Tasmanian Devil. Each character has their own unique skills, so be sure to try them all out and see which one you like best.

Discovering the Skills of Each Character Looney Tunes Dash

There are three characters to choose from in the game: Bugs Bunny, Tweety, and Road Runner. Each of them has its own set of skills that you need to utilize in order to pass the levels.

For example, Bugs Bunny can swing on ropes to cross dangerous gaps, Tweety can fly to avoid obstacles and traps, and Road Runner can run really fast to get away from danger. You’ll need to experiment with each character and figure out what works best for the particular level you’re on.

Don’t worry – even if you die, you’ll respawn very quickly so you can try again. Just make sure you don’t run out of time!

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Tips to Help You Pass Through Levels Faster

In Looney Tunes Dash!, as with most endless runner games, you will want to pass through the levels as quickly as possible. This can be difficult, however, as the levels are full of dangers like cliffs, dynamite, and Elmer Fudd.

Here are a few tips to help you pass through the levels faster:

  1. Pay attention to the obstacles in front of you and plan your path accordingly.
  2. Use your skills wisely. For example, Bugs Bunny can jump really high, so use that to your advantage.
  3. Collect as many carrots as possible. Not only do they give you points, but they also give you a speed boost.
  4. Use power-ups wisely. The invincibility power-up is great for getting out of tough situations but uses it sparingly.

Understanding the Different Dangers in the Game

the fourth thing you should know is that each level is full of different dangers. For example, in one level you might have to avoid being hit by dynamite, and on another level, you might have to jump over cliffs. There are also levels where you have to avoid being caught by Elmer Fudd, and there are even levels where you have to avoid being eaten by the Tasmanian Devil!

How to Collect Power-Ups and Other Special Items

One of the things that makes Looney Tunes Dash so much fun is that there are so many power-ups and other special items to collect. Here are just a few of the things you can collect:

  • Stars: Collecting stars will help you unlock new levels.
  • Carrots: These will give you a speed boost.
  • Coins: You can use coins to purchase new characters or power-ups.
  • Hearts: Hearts will give you an extra life.
  • Magnets: Magnets will help you collect more coins.
  • Bombs: Bombs can be used to destroy obstacles in your way.


If you are looking for a fun and lighthearted game to pass the time, Looney Tunes Dash is a great option. With colourful graphics and lovable characters, you will enjoy playing as your favourite Looney Tunes characters. Just be careful not to run into any danger!

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