NBA 2k20 Apk 98.02 + OBB Download Free for Android

NBA 2k20 Apk

NBA 2k20 APK is a fantastic basketball game that is a sports fan’s dream come true. This game has been created just for basketball fans who wish to play it on their cellphones.

App Detail

NameNBA 2k20
Developers2K, Inc
Android 5.0
Get it onGoogle Play

NBA 2k20 Apk

This game contains unique characteristics that make it one of the finest games ever created. It features incredible visuals that are completely 3D. With such visuals, the game appears to be a real competition.

This game includes a lot of well-known basketball players from the past. On the streets, you may compete with them and demonstrate your abilities. It’s a game in which your skill sets determine whether or not you win.

This game is also completely free to download. There are no additional costs or differences in in-app purchases that cost money. It’s made for basketball fans who wish to play the game for free in the virtual world.

There are many amazing aspects of this game that should be discussed, but we can only list a few of them here. The characteristics that are the finest in NBA 2k20 APK are listed below.

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Basketball players who are famous

There is a comprehensive list of all of history’s most renowned basketball players. You may find it tough to play this game since these athletes are so skilled at their sport. To defeat all of the players, you must be a master at basketball and have a lot of experience. The competitions that will take place on the streets will be extremely fierce and challenging. To be the best basketball player, you must practice everything.

Game with several players

This is a game that may be played with others. It implies that you may play it online with your buddies. All you have to do is connect with individuals or friends all around the world. You may play basketball online by forming a basketball team in this method. Basketball is usually more enjoyable to play as a team, so download this NBA 2k20 APK and have a blast with your friends. You may also use this game to invite your friends and family to play with you. The findings can be shared with your friends via social media sites.

3D graphics

A game’s visuals make it even more appealing and amazing. This game’s 3D visuals provide something fresh and interesting. The entire game appears unique thanks to these visuals, and players get a sense of playing on the streets. In comparison to games or programs with lesser quality visuals, 3D graphics provide a superior experience. Bright colors are always added to superb graphics.

Download for free

This game may be downloaded for free. It does not contain the costs that certain sports games need for downloading, unlike many other games. It’s an excellent pick for any basketball fan looking for a free game. In addition, there are no in-app purchases in this game. All of your items will be accessible for free, or you will have to earn them through winning game rounds.


You will receive a variety of awards and prizes if you win the game rounds. These will be added to your credit, allowing you to buy anything to increase your ability to win basketball games. These prizes include extra points, performance boosters, and the ability to unlock new levels in order to achieve more success.

Sound effects

The latest NBA 2k20 APK version also includes funny soundtracks and effects. These tunes entertain the gamers, making them want to play the game.

What are the system requirements?

Even if you have a phone with 2GB – 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 430 or above in the GPU, you will be able to play the game.

On Android, how can I install NBA 2K20?

  • NBA 2k20 Apk is available for download.
  • Download the nba 2k20 apk and obb data.
  • OBB data zip file should be extracted.
  • com.t2ksports.nba2k20 should be moved.
  • as well as this folder
  • This is how android/OBB should be.
  • android/obb/com.t2ksports.nba2k20and.
  • Install the NBA 2k20 mobile Apk that you downloaded on your Android device.
  • Play the Game.
  • Play NBA 2K20 Offline and have fun.


Consider this before downloading the NBA 2k20 OBB additional data file, which is 3.1GB in size. The best way to download this file is with a Wifi internet connection if at all possible, and you can skip downloading it externally from the link we provided and download it from within the game to avoid any download issues.

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