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It’s time to create a range of tasty foods that are popular all around the world in Cooking Madness Apk – A Chef’s Restaurant Games. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of kitchen life, and plan to spend a lot of time here. The game features unique gameplay and simple controls. You must strive to stay up with each new level for the duration of the game, so that you may create a stylish culinary masterpiece. Every day, gain new experiences and share your knowledge with your clients. Travel the world and collect truly incredible recipes.

File Information:

NameCooking Madness
Developers ZenLife Games
Size141 MB
Android2.3 or up
Get it onGoogle Play

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Cooking Madness Apk

In Cooking Madness Apk, you’ll prepare, cook, and serve delectable dishes from across the world.

Become the expert chef you’ve always dreamed of being! This year, it’ll be this incredibly addicting time-management game that helps you improve your cooking skills!

Become engrossed in a culinary frenzy. In Cooking Madness, cook like a MAD CHEF! Have you got the culinary bug and can’t get enough cooking games? If that’s the case, then this is the game for you! In beautiful restaurants, you’ll be serving tasty food to eager guests at a FAST speed. There is no obstacle that you cannot overcome.

On this fantastic map, dash from restaurant to restaurant. As you go through your trip, you will find and unlock numerous more locations. Return the restaurants to profitability and continue to draw new customers. Let the culinary mayhem commence!

Practicing your culinary and managing abilities is a good idea. Tap as quickly as possible while keeping an eye on the clock. It’s never been so much fun and thrilling to prepare a meal! To enhance your culinary skills, try out all of the available kitchen gadgets. For a better gaming experience, upgrade your dishes and utensils.

Do you like a little bit of a rush when it comes to your cooking? Keep up with the peak hours and improve your time management skills. This culinary game has unlimited levels of enjoyment with tough objectives built up in each one to give you that unique experience.

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  • Beautiful picture graphics generated at a high degree of quality;
  • A large number of layers that are becoming increasingly complicated;
  • Time management in the traditional sense, where the player must sit down on time.
  • Many unique recipes gathered from throughout the world’s kitchens;
  • There are several ingredients and kitchen gadgets to choose from.

Learn how to prepare a wide variety of meals.

Cooking Madness will also provide its outstanding cooking recipes with hundreds of accessible alternatives for you to choose up and start serving to your clients for those of you who enjoy eating and sharing excellent dishes. As you go through the levels, you’ll discover the fun gameplay of culinary simulation as you try to cook different meals in the correct order.

There are several upgrades and level-ups to discover.

And as you progress in Cooking Madness Apk, you’ll be able to take advantage of the game’s fantastic upgrades and level-ups, which each provide unique benefits to your kitchen and cookability. With unlocked slots, you may enjoy superior stoves. With the updated equipment, you can chop and prepare items much faster. Make use of the improvements to cut down on cooking time while also allowing you to prepare more delectable foods. Complete your tasks, develop your kitchens, and level up your talents in Cooking Madness to become the legendary Mad Chef.

Hundreds of challenging Cooking Madness levels await you.

To add to the fun, Android Cooking Madness players may now play a variety of intriguing levels of casual taping action. Cooking Madness has already offered a few hundred intriguing levels for all players to enjoy on their mobile devices, should you be able to complete the previous ones, in order to appropriately take you through the tales and difficulties. As you try to advance in the game, feel free to tap as much as you like and properly serve the dishes to your clients.

Enjoy the game with or without the Internet

Cooking Madness Apk Android players may also enjoy their totally portable mobile title, which adds to the game’s appeal. With entirely offline experiences, you can simply take up the thrilling gameplay of Cooking Madness. As a result, there’s no need to activate mobile data when you’re outside.

It’s completely free to play.

Despite all of the interesting in-game features, Android gamers may enjoy the game for free on their mobile devices; no money is necessary. All you have to do is browse to the Google Play Store and download the game without paying anything.

Visual and sound quality


Cooking Madness Apk is an accessible and fun game for gamers of all ages, with pleasant and tasty visual experiences. Feel free to participate in Cooking Madness’ amazing in-game challenges and casual tapping pleasures. Also, appreciate the wonderful cartoony visuals, which make the dishes appear even more appealing.

Music and sound

In addition, owing to the great music, Android players in Cooking Madness will now be able to completely immerse themselves in the exciting gameplay of cooking frenzies. When you’re preparing or presenting food, have fun with precise audio recreations and sound effects. At the same time, you’ll always be comfortable thanks to the relaxing and catchy soundtracks.

Finally, some thoughts

Cooking Madness Apk surely has what it takes to make the list for those of you who enjoy the thrilling gameplay of cooking in Cooking Fever, Cooking Diary, and a few more great games. Android players will now have the opportunity to participate in yet another fantastic culinary game.


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