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Start your slingshot adventure with Angry Birds 2 Apk today. The renowned angry birds game’s following sequence. The plot of the Angry Birds 2 game is very identical to that of the original Angry Birds, but with new characters and power-ups.

In this new and updated game mode, form teams with your friends, form clans and take on the challenges. Evolve your birds before demonstrating their abilities in the game. A successful follow-up to the popular Android game Angry Birds.

App Detail

NameAngry Birds 2
DevelopersRovio Entertainment Corporation
Android 5.0
Get it onGoogle Play

Angry Birds 2 Apk

There is no Stella character in Angry Birds 2 Apk for Android. Instead, a new character named Silver will be included in the game. There are also various improvements and changes, such as the assessment system, card system, boss level, and other new features. Because each Angry Birds sequel is distinct, it does not appear to be a letdown. Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Transformers, and Angry Birds Epic, to name a few.

Using the same principle, the players will use slingshots to shoot birds such as Red, Chuck, The Blues, and others. Each bird, as everyone knows, possesses unique abilities. The player who must pick which bird to shoot first is the one who makes the difference (sequence). The birds and spells will be displayed as cards as well and will be chosen based on the player’s approach.

The player loses if the card runs out but the piggies have not lost. Unlike the previous series, there is no option to restart. As a result, it can be determined whether or not this game will be more difficult and sophisticated. Aside from that, the piggies should be destroyed in at least two areas. It does, in fact, modify the scoring system to resemble that of golf. A strike is a win with only one card, a birdie is a win with two cards, and a par is a win with three cards, and so on. If the player receives a strike in the first area, he or she will receive a free card in the second spot.

Despite the fact that it appears to be more challenging, the game remains appealing, especially with its new and colorful visuals. The stage also features several weather conditions such as bright, overcast, rainy, and snow. As a sweetener, several pieces of information are shown in the background. Some will even assist players, such as a huge flower that suckers anything it comes into contact with.

Playing Instructions

When you’re playing with strategy, you’ll need some pointers to get the most out of the game. It’s important to remember to concentrate on the structure rather than the target or piggies. Look for flaws in any structure, such as ice walls that are more readily broken. Use the surroundings to your advantage in the boss stage. As previously said, various settings will assist you rather than simply shooting the bird at the monster.

The final step is to maximize the bird’s advantage based on the strength of each bird. He will unleash a war cry that can shatter concrete obstacles if you touch red when he is in mid-flight. Furthermore, because Matilda and silver are high-flying birds, they should be used to demolish towering objects.

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The following are some of the great features of Angry Birds 2 Apk.

  • Choose a bird and place it in the slingshot to defeat the pigs in a strategic manner.
  • Multi-Stage Levels are introduced in the game, and players will be challenged to complete levels with many stages. Still, keep an eye out for the Boss Pigs at the conclusion.
  • Increase the scoring power of the birds by leveling them up with feathers.
  • In the ‘Join A Clan feature,’ a player may band up with friends or other gamers from all around the world to defeat the evil Pigs.
  • Players may now compete in an Arena with other players or friends for a game of bird throwing to see who is the greatest among them.
  • Also, improve your birds’ fashion game by collecting headgear with various yet amusing themes.
  • To be at the top of the world leaderboard, you must play the game.

Weather effects, such as lashing rain and rainbows, have been added, and the backdrops have been given a lot more detail. In addition, the soundtrack is both chirpy and ambient. Every five levels or so, a boss encounter will appear, with the enormous piggy arriving on a themed airship and requiring you to utilize all of your abilities to defeat. Visit Rovio Entertainment for more information. Plants vs. ZombiesTM 2, Pou, Pet Rescue Saga, and Candy Crush are other games similar to Angry Birds 2 Apk.


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